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Puma Krypton Safety Boots

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Puma Krypton Safety Boots

Fiberglass cap and flexible FAP® midsole
Plus: ESD, toe cap protection, metal free
Upper: oiled nubuck leather Lining: BreathActive functional lining
Footbed: evercushion® BA
Sole: double density PU sole naturalFLEXMOTION™ with iCELLelement, very flexible, extreme cushioning and slip resistant


naturalFLEXMOTION™ The double density PU sole consists of an enormous soft and cushioning PU midsole and a very flexible PU outsole.
The wafer profile provides extra support on industrial floors, is easy to clean and offers firstclass LadderGrip.

iCELL The hard-wearing honeycomb structure of the iCell element improves the cushioning while enhancing the shoe‘s stability, guidance and comfort.

FAP® Flexible Anti Penetration The flexible anti penetration midsole made out of ceramic-coated fibers, protects the feet comeplety from penetrating objects.

FiberglassCap The new developed high tech fiberglass toe cap for optimized protection and enhanced flexibility.

Upper Oiled nubuck leather has the same velvety character like nubuck leather, but it‘s smoother and offers more protection against moisture penetrating.
Furthermore it also prevents premature ageing by low mainstenance.

evercushion® BA This anatomically designed footbed provides a high level of comfort and moisture control, giving a pleasant foot climate.
This footbed, as used in high performance sports shoes, is made from a soft, opencell, resilient foam that will not compress in wear, which assures a high level of cushioning, breathability and moisture regulation.