Delta Plus

ELARA 190 Scaffolders Fall Arrest Kit


Item Description

Delta Plus ELARA190 Fall Arrest Kit

Ready to use fall arrest restraint kit, ideal for towers/ scaffolding where full restraint is not possible and energy absorption is required in case of a fall.

2 fall arrester anchorage point harness (back or front)
Large harness, fully adjustable (will fit to 42" chest/ 43" waist)
Separate energy absorber with connector can be replaced independently if deployed
Stranded rope 12 mm; length 2.0 m
2 adjustment loops
2 adjustable side plates
1 AM002 Screw safety karabiner provided; double locking mechanism, 17-mm opening, screw manual locking type

Kit weighs approximately 1.5 kg

Materials :
Harness - Polyester straps, corrosion-resistant parachute buckles.
Enery absorber - Polyester strap.
Rope - Polyamide. Karabiner - Zinc-coated steel.

Components conform to EN 355, EN 361, EN 362. Weight: 1.5 kg